Supporting our new and returning students in School – August 2018

The Spring Season is over and summer has begun.  A number of youth and even adults in our community have  graduated from all kinds of academic levels and disciplines.  Undoubtedly the largest number of graduates will be youth leaving High School.  Others, also a significant number, have graduated from Colleges and Universities.  It is also significant to note that there are a number of adults in the community who have, against daunting odds and challenges, undertaken academic journeys in this country over the past few years.  Some of these have graduated as well from Adult High School, from Trade Schools and from Colleges and Universities as well.

To all those who are graduating, the Ghanaian News wish to extend our congratulations to you.  Your efforts and sacrifices have not been in vain.  We hope that you will find satisfaction in the Diplomas and Degrees that you have obtained, or will soon receive that will spur you on to the next stage of your dreams and careers.

We wish to particularly focus our attention on the youth who graduated from High School this spring.  High School Graduation is a very significant milestone in   No meaningful academic journeys can be undertaken in this country and in the Western world without the basic High School Diploma.  So to all our youth who have made it this far, we extend our congratulations.  Many of you made it through in the face of difficulties and obstacles: from hostile school environments, enduring bullying, isolation from friends, hostility and sometimes misdirection from teachers and guidance counselors.

It is sometime tempting to decide to take a break after the grueling High School journey.  Some of you may be contemplating taking a year off to work or simply to “rest” before deciding on the next steps in your life or the next step in the academic journey.  We wish to strongly caution against any such move.  There are countless number of studies, research and statistics which show that many youth who break off after High School to enter the job market find it difficult to re-enter the academic field.  Simply put, once you break off your academic journey and enter the labour market, the attraction of the few dollars that you earn will kill the dreams of further higher education.

We therefore strongly entreat all the youth who have graduated this year to continue on to College, Trade Schools and/or University.  Keep studying while your minds are young and fresh.  Keep pushing the academic buttons while you have the support of your parents and family.

A College Diploma, Trade School Diploma or University Degree is only a few more years away.  That will give you more satisfaction.  That will offer you a better licence for entry into the labour market.  That will secure you better satisfaction.  And that will certainly enable you to earn better incomes than stopping at the gate of High School Graduation.

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