Beauty Outshines Them All: 368 Hours and Still Cooking

Beauty Obasuyi, a Nigerian-Canadian chef, is on the brink of shattering the current record by extending the longest individual cooking marathon by an additional 220 hours.

The entrepreneur, who is the brain behind “Naija Jollof”, a restaurant chain with five locations across Ontario, initially planned to undertake an eight-day cooking marathon. This feat would have surpassed the current record of 120 hours held by Alan Fisher.

However, a 226-hour cooking time set by Ghanaian Chef Faila prompted Beauty to reconsider her plan, leading to the extension.

Chef Faila (yet to be confirmed by GWR)
Alan Fisher (current record holder)

As of publishing this story, Beauty Obasuyi has already clocked in 368 hours.

Stay tuned to Ghanaian News for updates.


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