African Refugees in Canada deserve better treatment – Black Community Leaders

Today, leaders of the Black community in Toronto have called on the Canadian government to expedite action for the provision of temporary indoor accommodation for about a hundred Black African refugees living and camping on the sidewalk outside the shelter at Richmond and Peter Streets.

The leaders expressed shock about the continuous poor treatment of the refugees, who have been in this situation for weeks.

More than 10 Black community leaders addressed the press this morning July 17, 2023, at 129 Peter Street.

Among the leaders who spoke during the press conference was Hon. Dr Jean Augustine, the first Black woman elected to Canada’s House of Commons as a Member of Parliament.

Dr Jean Augustine addresses the Press

Former Minister of Community and Social Services of Ontario, Hon. Zanana Akande, said this did not reflect the Canada she grew up in.

The President of the African Canadian Social Development Council, Kabu Asante said he was saddened and disappointed about the situation of the refugees.

A representative of the Nigerian community in the Greater Toronto Area stated that it is difficult to comprehend why Canadian authorities have been slow to respond to this emergency situation.

The Member of Parliament for Spadina-Fort York, Kevin Vuong, said he is surprised by the reluctant attitude of Canada’s Prime Minister, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and the 24 Liberal Members of Parliament from Toronto regarding this pressing issue.

Source: Emmanuel Ayiku, Toronto – ON


  1. I am really touched by this report and thank all those who have stood up for our very unfortunate brothers and sisters. So Ukranian refugees are more worthy of care and support than Africans? I’m extremely embarrassed to see clearly that racism is still alive and well cherished in my Canada in 2023! What a shame! So all our efforts at anti-racism education with the hope of creating even playing fields across the length and width of Canada for ALL Canadians is waste? I hope not!

  2. So if the Government is slow to act why not the community> They could have arrange with the churches to house them temporary instead of talk talk and nothing. The Black community have lots of places that could have house them temporary

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