Another eventful Year is drawing to a close…and a New One is set to dawn on us in a few days’ time. As is our custom, we wish to take this opportunity to send Seasons Greetings to all our readers and most especially to our community members and our compatriots back home in the Land of our Birth, Ghana.

The year that is about to take leave, has been very eventful both in our communities across Canada and in our home and native land, Ghana. Here in Canada many of our compatriots continued to do their best in making positive contributions in building our new home Canada and in so doing elevated themselves, their families and communities. Some also took initiatives to participate in events aimed at improving the lots of our communities. To all these courageous men, women and youth in community, we salute you. Keep working hard to achieve more.

At “home” in the land of our birth, all is not well. The national economy had not done well over the past year with the result that sustainable employment is hard to come by. Many of our youth are still seen roaming the streets of urban centres and other towns in the country desperately trying to make a living out of nothing. Serious and concerted efforts are needed on the part of all: government, civil society and everyone, to take the necessary steps to improve the lives of our citizens in the coming year and beyond. We call on both government and opposition groups to join hands in lifting the fortunes of our dear nation.

At The Ghanaian News, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to all our community members who staunchly stood by us and supported us in our various endeavours aimed at improving the image and fortunes of our community here in Canada. We also commend all those who participated in the 2018 edition of our Annual Achievement Awards event. We will continue to play our part in upholding the positive image of our community in the coming year and beyond.

As the Year 2018 is about to close and a new one, 2019 is about to dawn, we take this opportunity to extend Seasons Greetings to all our community members, our friends and supporters in mainstream Canadian society for working closely with us in the year 2018. We hope we can count on the effective and continuous cooperation, support and collaboration of all in the coming year 2019 and beyond.In the coming year, we entreat all our community members to show active interest and participation in events in our community that are aimed at improving our lots. We are all in this together and no-one should sit on the fence


And when the New Year dawns, we wish you a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!

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