MAMA aims to support Ghana Aerospace Industry

The Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association (MAMA) is poised to support Ghana in many areas, especially aerospace.

The MAMA has held consultations with experts and citizens on development as the global focus is now based on digitalization.

MAMA serves the interest in the space ecosystem encouraging private/public partnerships that will affect the standard of living of all residents.

MAMA members focus on all phases of aerospace manufacturing from tool to assembly and provide a wide range of services such as business development, education, networking, legislative updates and industry events.

MAMA is committed to positioning Michigan as mid–America’s Space Harbour ensuring it plays a leadership role in the growing commercial and government aerospace industry.

Ghana provides a strategic, geographical advantage because it is close to the Equator, and as the earth rotates, the rotation provides a natural advantage to put satellites into orbit. The further away from the Equator, the more energy it takes which means more financial cost.

European and Canadian space companies have been putting launch facilities in African countries including Ghana.

Amazon, Space X and European broadband internet companies are seeking politically safe launch sites, that can be guaranteed to be secured from any threats, and fuel sources can be obtained from locally and maintained.

The companies are working to put their satellite constellations into low earth orbit (LEO). There is a race to put thousands of microsatellites into orbit.

MAMA representative Mr Emmanuel Quaye says Ghana stands to benefit and urges the citizens to be aware and conscious of current global developments with technology.

Mr. Gavin Brown, CEO of the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association hopes the government and people of Ghana would offer the space of opportunity internally and externally for support to gain the benefits from space technology.

He will lead a powerful delegation of MAMA from the United States of America to discuss the next steps to build a spaceport in Ghana since Ghana is closer to the Equator.



  1. Therei i need to proceed cautiously. How can we be sure this is not going to serve their odious charter of imperialism against Africa?

  2. Why do Africans think they can develop by leaping steps in developing. We have a problem in food insecurity and lack of reliable energy for power generation.

    How can this be beneficial for Ghana when no knowledge transfer is in place to benefit the country. “Knowledge without an end use is idle chatter”

    Skills attainment is lost amongst all our so called leaders. “Remember the team a factory in every village?”

    What happened there?

  3. This project will benefit our country Ghana, in so many ways. The government will open education sectors for our young ones to empower themselves with more knowledge in this area. I think this can be done.

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