Toronto’s Ghanaian Presbyterian Church helps feed the homeless

In a heartwarming act of charity, the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church in Toronto has donated a variety of food items to the Evangel Hall Mission, a local organization dedicated to supporting the city’s underprivileged and socially isolated residents.

The donation included canned goods, rice, milk, spaghetti, and oats, all of which will be used to provide daily meals for the homeless.

Not stopping at just donating, the church group also prepared and served dinner to those visiting the Mission post-donation, further exemplifying their commitment to the cause.

Delegation helping in food packaging

Elder Mavis Addo, the deputy clerk of the session of the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church and the leader of the delegation, praised the Evangel Hall Mission for their tireless efforts in promoting emotional, social, and physical health among Toronto’s poor and homeless population.

She acknowledged the challenges of such an endeavour and commended the Mission for its achievements over the past century.

Evangel Hall Mission’s centennial celebration

Reverend Dale Henry, the Spiritual Coordinator of the Evangel Hall Mission, expressed his gratitude to the Church for their ongoing support. He noted that the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church in Toronto has been a consistent ally of the Mission for several years.

Reverend Dale Henry taking the delegation on a tour of the Mission

Adding a touch of cultural richness to the event, the Singing Band Union of the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, who led the presentation, delighted everyone present with a selection of soothing Ghanaian songs.

Toronto Presbyterian Singing Band Union mesmerizes spiritual leader

Source: Ebenezer Amankwah, Toronto.

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