OPP begin mandatory alcohol screenings during traffic stops in GTA

Ontario Provincial Police say they are now conducting Mandatory Alcohol Screening (MAS) during every traffic stop in the Greater Toronto Area as part of their “strongest measures” to keep impaired drivers off the road.

According to the OPP, impaired driving collisions and charges are up nearly 30 per cent compared to the previous five-year average.

Police noted that the GTA saw the highest increase in impaired-related collisions among OPP’s regions.

They expect this trend to continue this spring.

“MAS is used and recognized throughout the world with proven results, especially among police services that have been using this effective tool for many years,” OPP said.

MAS was introduced in Canada in 2018 and allows police officers to demand a breath sample from drivers even without any suspicion that they have drunk alcohol.

Police advise drivers to be prepared to provide a breath sample during a traffic stop. OPP say that those who do not comply could be charged.


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