SA influencer ‘tricks’ followers to register to vote

South African influencer and Youtuber Kay Yarms used her platform to dupe her followers into registering to vote ahead of the deadline.

The social media sensation posted a link to a new video on her Instagram story, but instead of new content it redirected people to the voter registration website for the upcoming elections on 29 May.

The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Friday and the Electoral Commission of South Africa has said a large number of young people have still not registered.

One of her followers responded to the dupe and said: “You really tricked us here but thank you now I’m fully registered thanks to you.”

“I literally forced my friend to register using your link,” another follower said.

Kay Yarms is one of the most influential celebrities in South Africa and has about 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She is popular among Gen Z in the country, and for many in that demographic, it will be their first time heading to the polls.

Source: BBC

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