Residents describe deadly battle for key Darfur city

Residents of the besieged Sudanese city of El Fasher have told the BBC there’s been no let-up in the fighting.

The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces have been trying to take the one major city in the Darfur region outside their control but their offensive has so far been beaten back by the regular army and allied militias.

Witnesses report street fighting, sniper fire, artillery and air strikes and say hundreds have been forced to flee.

One resident said the situation in El Fasher was “catastrophic”.

“Aircraft are also bombing near to the El Fasher Children’s Hospital… some children, I think around two or three, have passed away.

Supplies of food and water are running low, with the RSF blockading roads and looting trucks trying to reach the city.

The population of El Fasher has swollen to at least 1.5 million as those displaced by the conflict seek shelter.

Both sides in the year-long conflict have been accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Source: BBC

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