Nigeria tightens security as food theft continues

Nigerian authorities have heightened security at government food stores around the country amid a crisis.

With people struggling to afford food, recently there have been increased cases of attacks on warehouses to steal food items.

On Sunday, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said on X, formerly known as Twitter, it was increasing security “to forestall any breaches” at its offices and warehouses nationwide.

It comes after local residents looted food items including bags of maize at a facility in Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja. The looters also vandalised the warehouse.

The incident, which reportedly went on for hours, is said to have caused a gridlock as people blocked roads near the area.

Some videos are being shared online showing the chaotic scenes on Sunday, with crowds gathered around the facilities and others walking away with sacks of grain.

Police told local media that the situation had been brought under control.

The incident came amid an economic crisis in the country which has seen the prices of goods and services rise significantly, with inflation rising to nearly 30%.

Source: BBC

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