March inflation surges to 25.8% from 23.2% recorded in February

Inflation for March has increased to 25.8 percent, a rise from the 23.2 percent observed in February 2024, indicating a 2.6 percentage point surge.

The food inflation rate also shot up, moving from 27.0 per cent in February to 29.6 percent in March. Meanwhile, non-food inflation for March was reported at 22.6 percent.

This information was disclosed by Government Statistician Professor Samuel Kobina Annim on Wednesday, April 10.

“In March 2024, rate of inflation stood at 25.8%, year-on-year inflation relative to 23.2 % recorded for February 2024. This indicates that we have seen a surge in the rate of inflation by 2.6%, increasing from 23.2% to 25.8% for March 2024.”

“Disaggregating this for the food and non-food perspective, the rate of inflation for food was 29.6% relative to non-food 22.6%. Both food and non-food inflation have seen a 2.6% increase in its rate of inflation between February and March 2024,” he stated.

Meanwhile, there was a decline in inflation in February with the figure standing at 23.2%.

This represented a 0.3 percentage point decrease from the 23.5 percent recorded in January.

Source: citinewsroom

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