Zumunta End of the Year Symposium and Dinner

The Zumunta African Muslims in Canada have organized their annual end-of-year symposium and dinner event in Toronto, Canada.

The event also marked the inauguration of the newly elected President of the Association, Hajj Nurudeen.

It was a sight to behold as Zumunta African Muslims, both male and female, from across Canada convened to be part of this event.

Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, a Member of Parliament for Asawase in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, who was also the guest speaker, lauded the association for organizing such an event. He stated that it is through such events that leaders can advise and encourage each other for their common good.

He expressed concern about the lack of synergy among the leaders in the Ghanaian communities across various provinces. He asserted that the Ghanaian-Canadian community can only develop when the leaders collaborate.

Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka speaking at the event

Alhaji Mubarak Muntaka pointed out that other communities in Canada, such as the Jewish, Pakistani, Indian, and Iranian communities, are all growing faster due to their zealous nature. He therefore advised leaders of the Ghanaian communities to work hard, map out strategies, and negotiate with neighbouring communities for shared knowledge.

Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka advised Muslim parents to build assets by educating themselves and their children. He stated that the biggest risk for Ghanaians in the diaspora is raising their children according to their beliefs since these children are exposed to a different culture and beliefs. He also encouraged parents to allow their children to marry within the community in this regard.

Chief of the Zongo Community in Ontario, Alhaji Abdala Larry and his cabinet,

Alhaji Mubarak Muntaka further urged all those gathered to pay particular attention to their health and not to be swayed away by the struggle for riches.

The Deputy Imam of Al Asuna, Sheik Lamin Hussein Cissey, who was the special guest speaker for the event, thanked Allah for His protection throughout the year and also prayed for blessings in the coming year.

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