We’re available to transport gas; we have no technical issues – WAPCo’s reject GRIDCO’s claim

The West African Gas Pipeline Company has denied the claim by the Ghana Grid Company Ltd (GRIDCO) saying there is a shortage of gas due to the company’s inability to supply gas. 

GRIDCO said the situation created a supply gap of 650MW at peak time in the country thus causing power outages in several areas.

However, GRIDCO in a statement assured that efforts are in place to restore the gas supply from Atuabo.

“The Ghana Grid Company Ltd, (GRIDCo), the “Operator” of the National Interconnected Transmission System informs the general public that there is a deficit in thermal power generation due to limited gas supply from the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant (GPP) and the West African Gas pipeline (WAPCo).”

“This has created a supply gap of 650MW at peak time which will affect consumers in some parts of the country. The inconvenience caused is regretted,” the statement issued by the Corporate Communications Ghana Grid Company Ltd added.

However, WAPCo has absolved itself of any blame.

According to the company, it is ready and available to transport gas any time needed.

“The West African Gas Pipeline Company Limited’s (WAPCo’s), attention has been drawn to press releases issued by GRIDCo citing limited gas supply from WAPCo and from the Electricity Company of Ghana citing a WAPCo technical challenge as contributing to the power challenge experienced in Ghana last night.”

“WAPCo wishes to set the record straight that we did not have any technical issues and our facilities were, and still are, fully available to deliver gas.”


Source: citinewsroom

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