UK blacklists vaccinated Ghanaians, other Africans for “unrecognized vaccines”

– The UK says it does not recognize Africans vaccinated as safe travelers to the UK

– Africans vaccinated will still be quarantined for ten days and take a PCR test

– UK is the single most significant contributor to the COVAX facility

Our manifesto: This is what believes in A tweet by an international aviation expert indicates that the UK government will not consider Africans vaccinated as vaccinated.

Alex Macheras revealed on Twitter that Ghanaians and other Africans have no choice but to quarantine for ten days and take a Covid-19 test before getting into the UK society.

The irony of this development is that the UK government is one of the main contributors to vaccines to these African countries through the COVAX initiative. The UK has donated £548 million to the COVAX facility – making it the most significant contributor to the COVAX-AMC in the world.

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