Toronto mayor releases 2026 FIFA World Cup plans, committees

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow unveiled further details to the planning and committee structure to ensure the 2026 FIFA World Cup Games are “a success.”

“We have a little spring cleaning of our own to do. In just two short years, we will host the world’s game. Hosting six matches during the 2026 World Cup Games is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Chow told reporters on Wednesday.

“Now while I didn’t sign this deal, it is my responsibility as a mayor to do what I can to make these games a success,” Chow said.

Chow said the FWC26 Steering Team will be responsible for providing leadership, oversight and accountability for the games.

In a report from last month, written by City of Toronto staff, it now pegs the cost of hosting six World Cup matches at $380 million, a jump of $90 million from last year, when the city estimated the competition would cost about $290 million.

The report said that “as planning requirements become more defined” the cost estimates had risen.

Some of the highest costs for the competition include $174 million for “tournament operations” and a further $118.5 million for capital improvements.

Toronto is one of 16 host cities across Canada, Mexico and the United States that will hold games during the 2026 World Cup.

“As we prepare to host this marquee event, we must also strengthen our resolve to make it a success — not only financially, but in the strong and lasting connections it builds across communities, and how we reflect our shared values as we host the world,” Chow said in a letter to City Council on Wednesday.

Chow said the executive steering committee was first established in 2020 and will be expanded. She will serve as the chair with Deputy Mayor Mike Colle as her alternate.

There was also multiple subcommittees with several current and former city councillors listed with various roles and tasks.

Some of the committees include a “champions table” responsible for fundraising and donations, an economic development committee, a community outreach and legacy building committee and one for promoting the event.


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