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These 3 Shooting Functions Unlocked, a Mobile Make Blockbusters

Photography has now become a key indicator for assessing smartphone performance

HONG KONG, The People’s Republic of China, September 10, 2019/ — Following the social media boom, the art of photography now plays an increasingly important role in the lives of the young. In this respect, smartphones, with their cutting-edge tech, have become a fully-fledged photography tool, easily transportable and highly compact. Photography has now become a key indicator for assessing smartphone performance.

Among all the products available, the TECNO CAMON 12, TECNO CAMON 12 Pro and TECNO CAMON 12 Air, a range of smartphones that TECNO Mobile ( has recently released, have all the attributes expected of a top-quality camera from any viewing angle, and to become a portable technological success.

The triple rear camera with 16+2+5 megapixels (MP) for the TECNO CAMON 12 Air and 16+2+8 MP for the TECNO CAMON 12 and TECNO CAMON 12 Pro, which kick starts a new era for photography and offers budding photographers the chance to capture unique shots from any viewing angle.

First of all, 16MP main lens with f2.0 aperture focuses on AI scene detection and AI HDR, developed by mainstream algorithms, covering various common shooting scenarios and offering corresponding AI optimization, user could take more natural and exquisite photos via it. With AI HDR on, the photo is 21.4% clearer than no AI HDR in backlighting. The remarkable bokeh effect highlights the main portrait and blurs background sundry, making the portrait the best visual sense.

Moreover, the secondary lens brings 120° super wide-angle shots with 300% higher frame area and 2cm extreme macro photography experience. The public eye is open to the world with an even broader perspective and captures all the small aesthetic details surrounding it at the same time.

Finally, the grouped 16MP main camera and secondary camera offer a Bokeh effect, which focuses on the main photography subject and blurs a thousand and one lights in the background, giving portraits a more relevant visual sense and bring impressive portrait-taking with highlighted human figures and blurred backgrounds.

Continuing the DNA of crystal-clear selfies provided in previous TECNO CAMON models, the TECNO CAMON 12 smartphones have fine-tuned their cameras with a high-res, brighter viewfinder. The 4-in-1 tech and mosaic algorithms make photos much brighter and clearer. Again, ignoring the notch screen limitation, two flashes are housed on the screen, allowing shadows in dark scenes to be removed and guaranteeing glamorous photos. Its beauty mode has been fully enhanced and offers an AI-assisted 3D aesthetic. Not merely simple adjustments, but a face aesthetic displayed in relief, making selfies more natural and charming. Beauty mode also now extends to the whole body and videos.

In addition to the photographic options, there are also functions that give TECNO CAMON 12 even more autonomy. With 64GB Big ROM, the user significantly increases his storage space allowing you to archive photos, music, videos and files in larger quantities. In addition, the 4GB RAM makes the system more fluid and faster, allowing users to perform multiple tasks at once. Finally, the large 4000 mAh battery allows the user to spend more time connecting with the world.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of TECNO Mobile.

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