‘The government failed the Refugees’ – Mayor of Toronto

The Mayor of Toronto, Olivia Chow, has conceded that the government has failed in their delayed response to finding a permanent solution to the plight of the asylum seekers.

She revealed that after the incident, it took her a while to get the federal government, province, city, and everyone involved in finding a solution.

Mayor Chow said it is the responsibility of the government of Canada to help the asylum seekers find a new homeland and be treated well.

Some Community Leaders and members

She, therefore, pleaded with the asylum seekers to erase all the negative experiences they have gone through so far and focus on the good.

The Mayor was speaking after a familiarization visit to see things first-hand at Dominion Church International, which is housing over a hundred asylum seekers.

Mayor Olivia Chow commended Canadians for donating money, clothing, and much more to help even though the government was late.

Mayor Olivia Chow giving her speech

The Senior Pastor of Dominion Church International, Reverend Eddie Jjumba, who brought the mayor up to speed on the situation so far said the church is doing its best to assist the asylum seekers.

By this, the church has urged the community through its website to continue to support with food, clothes, toiletries, and others to make their living conditions comfortable.

It can be recalled that over a hundred black African refugees lived and camped on the sidewalk outside the shelter at Richmond and Peter Streets.

Source: Ebenezer Amankwah and Emmanuel Ayiku, Toronto – Ontario

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