Sarfowaa Duncan named ‘Ghana’s Most Respected CEO’

The Chief Executive Officer of Duncs Consult Ltd., and President of the Customer Experience Scale-Up Seminars, Charlotte Sarfowaa Akan-Duncan, has been decorated with the CEO of the Year Award, Business Management Consulting category at the 2023 edition of the Ghana Industry CEO Awards.

The acknowledgement, a noteworthy milestone for Madam Sarfowaa Akan-Duncan and her firm, asserts their commitment to excellence in Ghana’s business management consultancy space.

Charlotte Sarfowaa Akan-Duncan, an IAPPD-UK Accredited Trainer and Facilitator, is a Change Expert, Customer Experience, Learning Development & Training Consultant, for some renowned companies and organizations across Ghana not limited to GCB Bank, SSNIT, Robert & Sons Opticals, MDF West African & MasterCard Foundation.

She is an Internationally Certified and Accredited Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach with a wealth of experience in, Performance Management, Training Advisory, and Continuous improvements as well as Customer Experience & Enablement.

Speaking to the media after picking up the award, Sarfowaa said, “Winning the Most Respected CEO in Business Management Consulting at the Ghana Industry CEO Awards as a young career woman is humbling and holds significant implications for me.”

She added: “Professionally, it signifies recognition for my exceptional leadership and strategic acumen, potentially opening doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and industry respect.  Personally, it serves as a validation of my capabilities, boosting confidence and inspiring other young career women and men. This award has enhanced the reputation of my company, Duncs Consult, attracting clients and top talent.”

She said going forward, this recognition positioned her as a role model, “breaking barriers and contributing to a more inclusive and diverse business landscape.”

Aside from the current recognition, Sarfowaa was adjudged the Promising CEO of the Year 2022 (Ghana Business Awards) and Customer Service Consultant of the Year 2019-20 at the 8th Ghana Service Awards for her sterling performance in customer service consultancy.

The Ghana Industry CEOs Awards held in Accra

The Ghana Industry CEOs Awards, now in its 6th year, recognizes outstanding chief executives across diverse sectors in corporate Ghana. CEOs from both private and public sector entities are eligible for nomination and subsequent acknowledgement based on their exceptional leadership.

The award selection process is a democratic one, involving nominations from the Ghanaian public, who meticulously shortlist deserving CEOs.

Following a thorough verification process, the public then votes for the shortlisted nominees. Those CEOs who receive the highest votes in each sector category are declared the winners through the validation process conducted by the awards scheme’s official partners.

The crowning moment took place at the Accra International Conference Centre on the 17th of November 2023, in a gala event attended by industry leaders, dignitaries, and other stakeholders.

More about Duncs Consult Ltd

Duncs Consult Ltd. was founded in July 2016 in Accra with a primary objective to provide business solutions to organisations. Duncs Consult Ltd. believes that, in today’s business world, one needs an empowered team to help the organisation achieve market excellence.

As a strategy, Duncs Consult Ltd. combines a data-driven approach with knowledge gained over the years to come up with outstanding solution campaigns for its clients. Its services include customer experience management consulting, training & development, hostmanship consulting, Marketing strategy consulting, mystery shopping, performance management consulting, KAIZEN Consulting, healthcare customer care consulting, management consulting and general business consulting.

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