Row over Cameroon players’ reactions

Ajara Nchout (right) was upset that her goal was disallowed Image caption:

Cameroon were knocked out of the Women’s World Cup after a 3-0 defeat at the hands of England which was marked by Cameroon protests after two VAR decisions went against them.

Goals from Steph Houghton, Ellen White and Alex Greenwood sent England through to face Norway on Thursday, but the fractious game will be remembered for Cameroon’s reactions to White’s goal and a disallowed effort from Ajara Nchout.

The distraught Cameroon players twice appeared unwilling to restart the match, gathering in a huddle after White’s strike was given and remonstrating with the officials further after half-time.

England boss Phil Neville said he was “ashamed” by Cameroon’s behaviour.

“If that was my team – and it will never be any of my players – they would never play for England again, with that kind of behaviour.”

White’s goal was initially ruled out for offside, but that decision was changed, leading to the Cameroon side’s protests and a delay of several minutes.

Cameroon were further frustrated when Ajara Nchout’s goal – which would have made it 2-1 – was disallowed for offside thanks to VAR, with the striker in tears after the decision was overturned.

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