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Opportunities Open For More Ghanaians To Study In Canada

From September this year and the coming years, tens of potential Ghanaian students who want to study in Canada would be given admission to do so in many humanities at Trent University.

Trent University [TU], one of the reputable institutions of higher learning in the Province of Ontario in Canada has extended its connections to Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

Ghana was the first of three destinations chosen by the Canadian university with the rest Kenya and Rwanda, as it embarked on internationalization efforts in key regions throughout Africa and the world at large.

Starting the programme, Trent International and Trent University’s president and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Leo Groarke, led a delegation to Ghana early January 2019, the first of three countries strategically targeted for expansion in Africa.

A professor of social work at Trent University Dr. David Firang, who holds a lot of contacts in Ghana disclosed these in an exclusive interview with this reporter at Toronto on February 2, 2019. He put out the programme which was successful.

He revealed that the visit focused on institutions and applicants in Accra and Cape Coast as an extension of a long association between Trent and Ghana.

According to him, institutions visited in Ghana included the Ghana Technology University College, University of Ghana-both the center for climatic change and sustainability studies and the office of international programmes-Methodist University College.

The rest were Pentecost University College and the University of Cape Coast as well as Trent University students currently studying in Ghana.

Dr. David Firang said, “We found the institutions in Ghana to be very open and creative in exploring collaborations and have been struck by Ghana’s welcoming culture and the warmth of the people of Ghana.

“Meeting with our own students currently studying abroad at the University of Cape Coast was a highlight as well as their counts of the impact of their experiences” he observed.

The Trent in Ghana programme accordingly, has provided the students with an opportunity to study abroad and gain experiential learning opportunities through placements in communities throughout Ghana for decades.

It was learnt that Dr. Paul Shaffer in International Development studies at Trent University has overseen the programme for the past four years whiles it has been offered in partnership with the university of Cape Coast.

In a further briefing, Dr. David Firang said, at the meeting with the Trent delegation, the students shared their impressions of their Ghana experience in one word, “success.”

While in Ghana the Trent team also met with prospective students at the undergraduate and graduate level, applicants to Trent and their parents. He observed that the students were delighted to hear more details about Trent and its living and learning environment whiles for their students from Trent learning in Ghana is an education in itself, especially for students who have not previously experienced the developing world.

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