Nine out of ten breast cancer patients foot medical bill

A new study shows that nine out of every 10 breast cancer patients in Nigeria and Ghana have to pay for their breast cancer diagnostic tests and treatment themselves.

Breast cancer diagnosis can be prohibitively expensive

In Kenya, the figure stands at three out of every 10 patient, says the report by Switzerland-based biotech company Roche.

Roche says these delays, coupled with the high cost of treatment, have contributed to high mortality rates across Sub Saharan Africa.

A patient’s chance of survival can be impacted by delays in diagnosis and treatment, limitations in access to appropriate and quality cancer care, and financial burdens associated with receiving care.

Patients also face significant delays and lengthy waiting times for diagnostic tests and treatment.

Waiting times for surgery stands at at least four months.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

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