Monitor breasts of your children periodically – Breast Care President

The President of Breast Care International (BCI) Dr Mrs Beatrice Wiafe Addai has urged parents in Ghana to monitor the breasts of their children periodically.

This she said will help the parents to be breast aware, thus, getting to know the size, shape and feel of the breasts and to be aware of any changes.

Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai who is a Breast Pathologist has bemoaned the current diagnosis of breast cancer among children in Ghana, a situation she has called for immediate control.

She posited that “most children are unaware of breast cancer and do not bother about any changes that may happen to the breasts so the parents must actively monitor in their stead”.

“The parents must speak to the children about breast cancer disease, monitor the breasts to find any changes and also advise the children to alert them if they (children) find anything usual,” she added.

Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai, who is also the CEO of Peace and Love Hospitals in Ghana said this during a free breast cancer screening and education at the Upper Room Assemblies of God Church at Kwadaso Estate in the Kwadaso municipal in the Ashanti region.

During the program sponsored by Delta Airline, Dr Wiafe Addai was accompanied by Martha Drohobyczer who is a nurse and midwife in Las Vegas in the USA and a medical team from Peace and Love Hospital.

Dr Wiafe Addai said some children who notice changes in the breasts most often than not feel shy to tell their parents and rather confide in their friends who may offer little or lousy advice.

She stated that “breast cancer at the early stage is not painful so changes in the breasts as in the shape and size must be quickly reported to the hospital”.

Dr Wiafe Addai also allayed the fears that changes in the breasts might be breast cancer and encouraged that contracting the disease is not a death sentence.

She noted that the disease is detectable, curable and preventable if education about the disease is adhered to and taken seriously.

She, therefore, charged the public to immediately report to the hospital if they find anything unusual in and around the breasts.

Advising children, Dr Beatrice Wiafe Addai said they should use the current trend of social media to learn more about breast cancer and report to either their parents or the hospital when they see unusual things about their breasts.

The Head Pastor of Upper Room Assemblies of God A/G Church Ghana at Kwadaso Estate Rev Adu Gyamfi Yeboah asked the congregants to adapt to periodic breast cancer checks to avoid disaster.


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