Azumah Nelson returns to the ring to face EU Ambassador in a match to empower youth

Boxing legend, Azumah Nelson will return to the ring after almost two decades since his last exhibition fight, in a monumental event aimed at empowering youth through sports.

The 3-time former World Champion will face off against European Union Ambassador, Irchad Razaaly, in an exhibition match that will promote the power of sports to foster positive change for youth.

The event themed, “Diplo-Rumble” will highlight the strength of the partnership between the
European Union and Ghana, and takes place during the annual Europe Month celebrations.

Diplo-Rumble will take place at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra. It will bring together boxing fanatics, the diplomatic corps, government officials and young boxers.

It is open to the public with tickets pegged at ¢5, a sum that will be entirely used for equipment for youth boxers.

In partnering with the European Union, Azumah Nelson, underscores his commitment to sports as a tool for empowerment, particularly among young people.

Participating in this event serves as a powerful statement of solidarity, highlighting the positive impact that sports can have on individuals and communities alike.

At a face-off event in Accra, the EU Ambassador to Ghana, Irchad Razaaly, said, “Boxing is a sport that requires discipline, dedication, and, above all, mutual respect. It is a sport that transcends language, culture, and nationality, allowing individuals from all walks of life to come together and compete on a level playing field.”

“The European Union recognises the power of sports to break down barriers and empower all those who show talent and commitment. That is why we are working with Azumah Nelson and the
Ghana Boxing Federation to promote sports diplomacy and support the talented youth of Ghana.

The event will be a highlight of our 2024 Europe Month celebrations, which are focused on youth and skills,” he added.

Azumah “Zoom Zoom” Nelson also commented, “I am a firm believer in the power of sports diplomacy. Throughout my career, I have seen first-hand the incredible impact that boxing can have in bringing people together, fostering understanding, and promoting peace.”

“As a proud ambassador of boxing, I am passionate about using this sport as a platform for promoting dialogue and creating opportunities for our younger generations. Sports helps to break down barriers, and build bridges.”


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