MoFA announces new passport application fees

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MoFA) has submitted a proposal to Parliament seeking approval to raise the charges for passport applications from GH¢100 to GH¢400. 

The move is intended to address financial constraints and losses incurred in the printing of passport booklets.

Foreign Affairs Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey emphasised that the current fees are insufficient to cover the production costs, with each passport costing approximately GH¢400. 

The proposed adjustment aims to make passport fees more realistic and sustainable, as the government can no longer absorb the significant subsidy provided for each passport.

Comparisons with other West African countries highlight Ghana’s considerably lower passport fees. 

The current rate of $7.7 is notably less than fees in countries such as Cameroon ($180), Guinea ($57), Guinea-Bissau ($65), Burkina Faso ($80), and Nigeria ($54.29).

Minister Ayorkor Botchwey acknowledged that passports are no longer the primary source of identification due to the existence of national IDs. Consequently, those seeking passports are generally individuals to travel. 

She urged Ghanaians who are not urgently planning to travel to consider delaying their passport applications, emphasising the importance of covering the associated costs.

The Minister also addressed concerns about service quality and the environment at passport application centres, stating that the ministry is working to improve services for applicants. 

Additionally, premium centres have been established where applicants can receive world-class services for a fee.

The proposed fee adjustment is part of broader efforts to ensure the financial sustainability of passport production in Ghana. 

The ministry awaits parliamentary approval for the proposed increase.

Source: classfmonline

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