Kuami Eugene receiving treatment – Lynx Entertainment

Lynx Entertainment has assured the general public that their musician Kuami Eugene is responding to treatment following his road accident on Sunday.

The ‘Monica’ hitmaker’s car had crashed into the back of a tipper truck moving slowly without a tail light on the N1 highway with no street lights. 

In a press release, on Monday, the company confirmed that Kuami Eugene and the one passenger with him sustained injuries together.

Their lives were spared and they are receiving treatment at a health facility, Lynx Entertainment added.

“We appreciate the outpour of love from fans, media and the general public but we plead the artiste is given much space at this moment as he begins his recovery,” the company indicated.

This comes after Kuami Eugene was involved in the accident that occurred at CP, close to the DSTV office towards the Dzorwulu traffic light in Accra.

According to the Editor for Modern Ghana news portal, Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri who witnessed the accident, he was right behind the musician’s car when the accident occurred around 11:30 pm.

He explained that the tipper truck was in motion but moving slowly when the musician crashed into it from behind. 

He believes the accident occurred because the N1 highway was dark due to a lack of street lights, while the tipper truck also lacked a tail light, thereby worsening visibility.

He believes that the accident would have been fatal if Kuami Eugene had not been cautious and was overspeeding.

Mr Abugri told Myjoyonline.com that he only noticed it was the musician in the car with one male passenger when he went closer to offer assistance.

Mr Abugri said some motorists who stopped volunteered to rush Kuami Eugene and his passenger to the hospital while he stayed behind for the police to arrive, gave his account and also handed over the tripper truck driver to them.

Source: myjoyonline

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