I’m alive — Nollywood legend Ngozi Ezeonu dispels death rumours

Veteran Nigerian actress Ngozi Ezeonu has quashed whispers of her passing with a vibrant online address, assuring fans she’s “very much alive and kicking.”

Confusion arose from a recent Instagram post where the legendary Nollywood actress shared a poignant image of a half-burnt candle, a tribute to a dear friend she recently lost.

Sadly, the image sparked a storm of false reports about her well-being. Taking matters into her own hands, Ezeonu released a video message, her voice brimming with both frustration and compassion.

“I posted a candle for a friend,” she said, addressing the camera directly. “But someone put my picture on it, and suddenly I’m gone? Unbelievable!”

Ezeonu highlighted the dangers of irresponsible journalism, urging media outlets to verify information before spreading it. “Doubt? Leave it out!” she emphasized. “Don’t spread rumours that hurt people and their families.”

The actress described the avalanche of worried calls she received, expressing concern about the emotional toll such rumours can inflict.

“Why spread such pain? This is a new year. Let’s be kind, not cruel” she questioned, her voice softening

Source: citinewsroom

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