I would give every Ghana League team a million dollars if I had my way- Kurt Okraku

Ghana Football Association (GFA) President Kurt Okraku has touched on the high level of capital needed to run football effectively.

He pointed out this as the main reason behind the GFA’s inability to meet the financial requirements of football bodies in the nation.

The GFA President said this in his address at a media briefing in Kumasi held in the aftermath of Ghana’s terrible 2023 AFCON in Cote d’Ivoire where the Black Stars failed to qualify from the group stage.

Wading into the issue, President Okraku voiced his desire to hand out a million dollars a season to each club in the Ghana Premier League, Division One or Women’s Premier League if he was hampered by money issues.

“Funding is a big problem. Football is a capital-intensive enterprise. In as much as we are doing whatever we can to have a lot of funding, it’s not been enough. If I had a way, I will give each Premier League club or Women Premier League club or DOL club a million dollars a season if I had a way, if I had the means.”

“So what this means is that, we would have to continue to work towards raking in more inflows” before dispelling the notion that he interferes with the work of Black Stars head coaches.

Source: citinewsroom

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