Ghanaian – Canadian Chamber of Commerce to launch online marketplace platform

The President of the Ghanaian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (GCCC), Nii Odoi Yemoh, has revealed that the Chamber will launch an online marketplace platform to make Ghanaian businesses more accessible to consumers.

He said this at a business conference organized at the GCAO Hub today July 15, 2023, to rejuvenate and create awareness of the chamber’s core functions and the benefits associated with being a member.

Nii Odoi Yemoh
President of Ghanaian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Nii Odoi Yemoh looks on during a presentation

Mr Odoi Yemoh outlined some of the benefits such as hosting trade fairs for its members, advocacy, networking, and promoting trade and investment in Canada and Ghana.

The President of the Ghanaian – Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO), Emmanuel Duodu said the platform will unite thousands of Ghanaian-owned businesses under one umbrella, making it easier for people to find goods and services with just a click of a button, after its completion.

Mr Duodu advised that it is time for the Ghanaian community and business owners to learn from Iranians, Chinese, Indians, and others who have formed consortiums to lift each other to the top of the business ladder.

Left: President of the Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario with the Consul-General, Hakeem Balogun
Left: President of the Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario with the Consul-General, Hakeem Balogun

The Consul-General of the Ghana Consulate-General in Toronto, Hakeem Balogun, shared the same sentiments as the President of GCAO and stated that the consulate will do its best to create an enabling environment for Ghanaian businesses in Toronto by guiding them from the policy to implementation stages.

The Deputy Director of Diaspora Affairs at the Office of the President of Ghana, Dr Nadia Adongo Musah, welcomed the news about the soon-to-be-launched platform and said that database collection is essential in this age.

Middle: Dr Nadia Adongo Musah (Deputy Director of Diaspora Affairs of the Office of the President), Left: Hakeem Balogun (Consul-General of the Ghana Consulate General in Toronto), Right: Mrs Joyce Asamoah Koranteng (Deputy Consul-General of the Ghana Consulate General in Toronto)

She also advised Ghanaian businesses in Canada to take advantage of the passage of the Narcotics Control Commission (Amendment) Bill 2023 by partnering with Canadian firms that have already set the pace in this sector. The Bill approves cannabis cultivation for industrial and medicinal use.

Dr Nadia Adongo Musah also urged all Ghanaian residents in Toronto and Canada to register for their National Identification Cards since it will soon be the only approved form of identity for transactions and voting during general elections.

Market Place website developer, Joe Duodu during his presentation
Market Place website developer, Joe Duodu during his presentation

The website developer of the GCCC Market Place, Joe Duodu, assured Ghanaian businesses that the website is user-friendly and easy when entering business credentials.

Source: Ebenezer Amankwah, Toronto – ON

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  1. A very good initiative. I would like to if Ghanaians resident in Ghana be accepted into the chamber

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