Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Ontario donate items to Refugees

Members of the Ghanaian – Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) have donated relief items to asylum seekers at the Revivaltime Tabernacle in North York, Ontario.

The items include packs of water, fruits and vegetables, toiletries, clothes, footwear and others.

This presentation is in response to a call made by some prominent individuals and groups in the Black community to help black African refugees who were living and camping on the sidewalk outside the shelter at Richmond and Peter Streets

After the call, most people have thronged the site to lend a hand with Revivaltime Tabernacle also helping with accommodation and feeding.

This issue has galvanized the black community that it can come together, lead and be part of the solution.

The members of the association and some individuals provided the items. The Church of Pentecost, Tony Dogbe, Grace Damson, and Sumaila also offered transportation.

Source: Ebenezer Amankwah and Emmanuel Ayiku, Toronto – Ontario

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