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Ghana elected to UN Security Council for Two-year term

Ghana receives the most votes among the five new members of the United Nations Security Council to serve a two-year term on the world’s highest decision making body in New York.

Ghana received 185 of the available 190 votes with Gabon coming closely in with 183 votes. The other three countries are Brazil with 181 votes, United Arab Emirates with 179 votes and Albania rounding up the fifth spot with 175 votes. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, the Honourable Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey cast Ghana’s vote.

Ghana congratulates Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Albania and Gabon for their respective successful elections and look forward to working closely with all the new members of the Council when her tenure commences in January 2022.

The endorsement of the African Union and the ECOWAS is deeply appreciated. With situations in Africa dominating the agenda of the Security Council, we vow to work assiduously to assist in addressing the
conflicts on the continent and sustain the peace the people of Africa need. As is well known, issues on Africa constitute 70 percent of the Security Council’s agenda.

The effective leadership being demonstrated by H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, provides synergy for our membership of the Security Council, particularly in addressing the conflict situations in some parts of the West
Africa region and the Sahel. Ghana will bring to bear on the work of the Council her experience in conflict mediation, prevention and reconstruction.

Ghana will also use her tenure on the Security Council to seek for a stronger and deeper collaboration and cooperation between the United Nations and regional bodies in a manner that enhances complementarity
and ensures effectiveness of coordinated action. As indicated during our campaign, Ghana’s tenure on the Council will focus on Enhancing Global Peace and Security for Sustainable and Inclusive Development. Some of our priorities will include:

i. Commitment to placing the critical agenda of conflict prevention, post-conflict reconstruction and multilateralism at the heart of UN peace and security agenda;

ii. Promotion of Human Rights, sustainable development, peace and security in advancing the work of the Security Council, especially at a time when the United Nations is mobilising all Member States towards combating the COVID-19 pandemic;

iii. Advocacy for the implementation of the actions recommended by the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations, such as improved strategic planning, better force generation, enhanced safety and security and strengthened efforts to combat sexual exploitation and abuse;

iv. Strengthening partnerships between the United Nations and continental and regional organizations such as the African Union and ECOWAS in conflict prevention, peacekeeping operations and special political missions;

v. Addressing conflicts caused by environmental factors such as land degradation, desertification, drought and climate change.

Ghana stands ready to be an active and instrumental member of the Council for the maintenance of international peace and security. Once again, Ghana is grateful to the African Union and ECOWAS for endorsing our candidacy and to all Member States of the United Nations for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with them and be a voice for Africa on the Council

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