FRUITFUL COMMUNITIES celebrate its Food Bank Volunteers

Fruitful Communities, a subsidiary of Fruitful House, serves individuals and the community by providing food, connecting seniors, and empowering youth.

The organization recently celebrated its volunteers for their dedication.

The Fruitful Communities Food Bank is known for distributing healthy groceries and a variety of items, offering the option to select what best meets your dietary and family needs. The volunteers are friendly and foster a non-judgmental environment.

Pastor Susan Akonnor, the leader of Fruitful Communities, stated that the appreciation event was not only to crown the year of serving the Lord and the community but also to celebrate the volunteers for their hard work throughout the year.

Pastor Susan emphasized the volunteers’ work as the anchor and heartbeat of Fruitful Communities. She acknowledged that there is more to be done in 2024 and encouraged everyone to continue showing love to individuals in the community.

Pastor Susan also expressed gratitude to corporate agencies and other community non-governmental organizations that partnered with Fruitful Communities in the previous year. She appreciated their benevolence and expressed hope for their continued support in the coming year.

Special packages were given to all the volunteers and the corporate agencies in recognition of their dedication.

Reverend Dr. Albert Osae-Akonnor, the senior pastor of Fruitful House and the visionary behind Fruitful Communities, praised the volunteers, especially Pastor Susan Akonnor, for her tireless work in keeping the Food Bank operational.

Reverend Dr. Osae-Akonnor highlighted the welcoming nature of Canada and encouraged everyone to give back and improve upon what they have received.

He mentioned that, despite a temporary setup, Fruitful Communities aims to extend its services beyond Ontario.

He advised the volunteers to prepare for more work as the organization plans to expand and double its capacity.

Reverend Dr. Osae-Akonnor shared that the vision for 2024 is to secure a 10,000 to 20,000-square-foot facility to provide comprehensive aid to newcomers.

He expressed his belief that through this expansion, the word of God will reach more places and urged every volunteer to keep this vision in mind.

The Fruitful Communities Food Bank is located at 6731 Columbus Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5T 2M4. It operates twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 2pm and 4pm.

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