Evangel Assembly of God celebrates ‘Evangel Day’

The Evangel Assembly of God on 314 Rexdale Boulevard, Etobicoke – Toronto has celebrated ‘Evangel Day’ in grand style.

‘Evangel Day’ is observed annually by the church to showcase the diverse cultures of its members.

The celebration aims to pass on members’ cultural heritage to the next generation and foster an appreciation for other cultures. This promotes harmony among members and the unifying power of serving the same God.

During the celebration, members representing their respective cultures dress in traditional attire and share information about their food, dance, laws, marriage rites, and other cultural practices.

The Head Pastor of Evangel Assembly of God, Reverend Milton Offei, stated that this day allows members to celebrate their culture beyond their communities and countries.

He said God does not discriminate, so church members are also encouraged to learn from that.

Rev. Milton Offei (Left) in a pose with Rev. Joel Spiridigliozzi

The Regional Director of the Assemblies of God Churches in Canada, Reverend Joel Spiridigliozzi, who was the guest speaker for the occasion said ‘if you don’t like diversity, you won’t like Heaven, since it will be made up of people of different cultures’.

The celebration was based on the bible verse Deuteronomy 6:4 which says ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Source: Ebenezer Amankwah and Emmanuel Ayiku, Toronto – Ontario

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