Ethiopia ‘coup hit-man is not dead’

Ethiopia’s federal police have apologised for saying that the bodyguard who is accused of assassinating the head of the army, Gen Seare Mekonnen, on Saturday had killed himself.

In a statement read on state media on Monday evening they said that the bodyguard, who has not been named, was instead being treated for gunshot wounds in hospital.

The prime minister’s office has said the bodyguard killed Gen Seare and another general, Gezai Abera, at the army chief’s home on Saturday as part of an attempt to overthrow the regional government in Amhara state.

This is now the second time the story of what happened to the bodyguard has changed.

Initially on Sunday the government said that he had been arrested. Then on Monday police chief Endeshaw Tasew announced that he had killed himself after killing the generals.

It is not clear whether the bodyguard’s wounds that he is being treated for were self inflicted or whether he was shot by someone else.

Gen Seare Mekonnen was killed on Saturday

BBC News

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