Ethiopia Airlines bans ‘Ghana Must Go’ luggage

Ethiopia Airlines has banned ‘Ghana Must Go’ luggage on its Nigeria flights.

It says the sackbags are a nuisance to its conveyor belt system.

A letter signed by Henok Gizachew, the airline’s Manager of Airport Services, addressed to the Regional Manager of the Federal Airports Authority Of Nigeria (FAAN), dated 24 November 2023, said: “The use of Ghana-Must-Go as a means of packing baggage has cost the airlines huge loss and also damaging the conveyor belt system, not only on our flight but also on other foreign airlines, hence the prohibition”.

The airline said the only condition under which it would allow users of the bag to continue to use them to package their luggage is when they are well packed in cartons of a hardcover of rectangular size.

The letter said: “Please be informed that effective November 25, 2023, the usage of Ghana-Must-Go to travel on our flight is hereby prohibited.”

Source: classfmonline

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