Court dismisses suit against commercialisation of GMOs

The High Court in Accra has dismissed claims made by Food Sovereignty Ghana regarding the work conducted by the National Biosafety Authority on Genetically Modified products.

Justice Barbara Tetteh Charway ruled that the plaintiffs failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their claims.

Food Sovereignty Ghana, along with three other groups, sought declarations on whether the necessary processes and laws were followed in the plans to commercialize GMOs.

They also wanted clarification on whether the defendants adhered to domestic and international laws on risk assessment and management regarding the release and commercialization of Bt cowpea and rice.

However, the court held that the Biosafety Authority hadn’t yet released any GM products for commercialization, as they were still engaged in extensive research and community sensitization.

Justice Tetteh Charway ordered the labelling of all Genetically Modified products on the market to inform consumers, and requested relevant data on Bt Cowpea brought in from the Nigerian market and sold in Ghana.

The detailed judgement on the case, initiated in 2015, will be provided by the court at a later date.

Source: citinewsroom

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