Cook-a-thon: GTA, Zaina Lodge offer Chef Faila more enticing packages

Failatu Abdul-Razak’s cook-a-thon has garnered not just delicious smells, but also tourism-boosting partnerships.

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and Zaina Lodge have stepped up to offer even more enticing packages after the event concludes.

Mr. Angelo Yossi Dogbe, GTA’s Northern Regional Director, has been a constant presence throughout the marathon.

Beyond the already allocated funds and essentials, he announced additional contributions will come post-event.

The highlight – A two-day luxury stay at Zaina Lodge in Mole National Park for Failatu and her family, valued at over $1,000

Dogbe commended Failatu for attracting an audience who not only savoured the food but also experienced the rich culture of northern Ghana. He encouraged tourists to explore the region and discover its unique charm.

GTA recognized the event’s potential not just for culinary celebration, but also for promoting northern Ghana’s tourism.

Source: citinewsroom

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