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Climate action protesters block Bloor Viaduct

Climate action protesters block Bloor Viaduct

Drivers who use the Bloor Viaduct may want to find an alternate route this morning as climate action activists block the high-traffic bridge for a protest.

In an effort to raise awareness about the climate crisis, protesters, who are a part of the group Extinction Rebellion, are preventing drivers from passing over the bridge.

Two groups of protesters are blocking traffic at both Broadview Avenue on the east side and Castle Frank Road on the west side.

Climate protesters block the Bloor Viaduct on Monday morning. (Jee-Yun Lee/ CP24)

Climate action protesters block the Bloor Viaduct on Monday morning. (Jee-Yun Lee/ CP24)

“Extinction Rebellion was a UK founded organization. Today, Oct. 7, is what they call Global Rebellion which is a series of direct actions, non-violent, peaceful protests that are occurring all around the world to draw attention to the urgency of the climate crisis,” one protester, who identified himself only as Kevin, told CP24.

“I’m here taking the day off of work and I’m doing an uncomfortable thing to block traffic, which is not in my nature, because if we continue with business as usual ,we are going to continue to miss the climate goals that we have. And the stakes are very real. We have a narrow window of time where we can take significant action.”

Protests are taking place today in other Canadian cities, including Halifax, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria.

“We need to take this seriously. We are looking at the science and it is completely terrifying,” said Kate Petriw, who joined the protest this morning.

Organizers in Toronto say they do not have a set time for how long the demonstration will last.

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