City of Toronto launches new ‘Toronto For All’ Anti-Islamophobia Campaign

The City of Toronto, with guidance from a Community Advisory Council and the National Council of Canadian Muslims, launched a new ‘Toronto For All’ public education campaign to raise awareness about the realities of Islamophobia present in our community and to help to remind Torontonians that acceptance comes without exceptions.

The ‘Toronto For All’ campaign brings attention to Islamophobia in the City and calls on Torontonians to both confront and eliminate it. The campaign will appear on transit shelters throughout Toronto, on City social media channels and the City’s website.

The City, joined by the National Council of Canadian Muslims and a Community Advisory Council made up of diverse Muslim community members, educators, and leaders engaged in a collaborative and detailed process to develop a meaningful and impactful design concept. The final campaign design highlights the need for Torontonians to accept, without exceptions, and celebrate and respect the faith and cultural practices of Muslims in Toronto.

This is the 13th ‘Toronto For All’ campaign launched by the City in partnership with community partners and organizations. The goal of the ‘Toronto For All’ public education initiative is to generate dialogue amongst Toronto residents to create a city that says no to all forms of discrimination and racism.

Previous campaigns have focussed on topics including anti-East Asian racism, anti-Black racism, ageism and anti-Semitism.


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