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China refusing temporary visa extensions to Africans except Nigerians and Ugandans

Nigeria and Uganda have engaged China in dialogues to extend the stay in China for their nationals at least until December. All other African nationals in China are eligible for deportation when their temporary visas expire although no such deportations have commenced yet.

This was revealed in a report from DNT China Correspondent Sammy Tugah citing a recent campaign by the Chinese authorities to grant short extensions to temporary visas for nationals of African countries in China.

The move was largely seen as a means to identify and locate where all Africans are to facilitate deportations should the Chinese government decide to begin, according to Tugah.

Only Nigeria and Uganda have actively dialogued with the Chinese government to extend the stay of their nationals in China at least until December of 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.

“To my knowledge, no other African country besides those two have sought the special extensions for their nationals,” Tugah continued.

Other Africans DNT spoke to attest to the feeling that the Chinses appear poised to rid their country of Africans. A vast number of Africans are flatly refused extensions to their temporary visas.

Those who receive the extensions are given as little as seven days or seventeen days after which time they become eligible for deportation.

“But thus far no deportations have taken place,” Tugah pointed out. But now they know where the Africans are and can pick them up whenever they want to start the deportation exercise.

DNT News with Correspondence reports from Sammy Tugah, Guandon Province, China

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