Cases of TB, malaria and HIV/AIDS on the rise due to locked up medical supplies – CSO

The Executive Director of the Africa Center for Health Policy Research and Analysis, Dr. Thomas Anaba, has disclosed that the locked-up medical supplies donated by the Global Fund have led to a surge in tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS cases.

The supplies which include antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS patients and mosquito nets for pregnant women have been held at the Tema Port since July 2023 over import duties.

Global Fund suspended further shipments of essential medical supplies due to the delays in clearing these goods.

Dr. Anaba told Bernard Avle on the Citi Breakfast Show on Citi FM that a major widespread of tuberculosis, malaria, and AIDS looms in comparison to last year’s figures.

“There is an increase in the cases of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS from last year’s figure, and the complications of people dying from AIDS has also increased. Women getting malaria during pregnancy has increased because of this.”

He suggested that Ghana should communicate the quantity of supplies needed ahead of time to the Global Fund and make budgetary allocations for clearance to avert future delays.

“Ghana has the statistics of how many people get tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS every year and this can be planned with a top-up percentage of 10 percent and then we can budget for how much of these drugs that we need and then we contact Global Fund on how much they can give us ahead of time and then we budget for money to clear the drugs.”

Source: citinewsroom

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