Canada mass killer’s last words revealed at coroner’s inquest

The final words of a man responsible for a stabbing spree in Canada in 2022 have been revealed at a coroner’s inquest into his in-custody death.

Myles Sanderson told arresting officers “You guys should have shot me, man”, using an expletive, later saying “I’m ready to die now”, Canadian media reported.

The inquest also heard that Sanderson died from an acute cocaine overdose.

He was arrested in a high-speed chase after a massive manhunt.

The stabbings took place over Canada’s Labour Day weekend on 4 September two years ago in the province of Saskatchewan.

Ten of the victims, including his brother Damien Sanderson, were from the James Smith Cree Nation, an indigenous community in the prairie province. One victim was from the nearby community of Weldon. Seventeen people were injured in the rampage.

Police caught Sanderson after a three-day search. He was stopped while driving a stolen truck at high speeds, rammed by police and forced into a ditch on the side of the motorway.

The coroner’s inquest heard on Monday that police quickly realised that Sanderson needed medical attention during his arrest. A paramedic was on the scene within minutes and Sanderson was in hospital within an hour. He was declared dead shortly after.

Inquest witness Det Sgt Ken Kane said there was no evidence that police action “caused or contributed to the death of Myles Sanderson”, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix reported.

It is not clear what prompted the mass killings, which encompassed multiple crime scenes. Myles and Damien spent days drinking, dealing drugs and stealing cars before the spree began, police have said. Damien was the first victim.

Myles then went to another home, where he killed Robert Sanderson, his second victim.

Over the next few hours, Myles Sanderson travelled both by foot and stolen vehicles around the community, breaking into a series of homes.

In one, he killed Gregory Burns and attacked his mother Bonnie Burns. He later returned to that residence and killed Bonnie Burns, along with Gloria Burns, a former first responder who had arrived on the scene to help.

His other victims in James Smith Cree Nation were Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, and Christian Head. In Weldon, he killed his last victim, Wesley Petterson, 78.

Parole documents show Sanderson has 59 prior convictions and was released in February 2022 while serving a four-year sentence.

A public inquiry earlier this year heard that Sanderson targeted some of his victims over a personal grievance and that others simply got in the way.

Source: BBC

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