Akufo-Addo lacks courage to sign anti-gay bill – Asiedu Nketia

Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has stated that President Nana Akufo-Addo lacks the courage to openly declare his stance on the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

During an interview on Asempa FM on Wednesday, March 27, Asiedu Nketiah, also known as General Mosquito, suggested that the president’s reluctance to address the bill directly is a strategic manoeuvre to evade responsibility.

“The truth is that he doesn’t have the courage to say his position on the bill. That is why he wants to shift that responsibility to the judiciary or another person so he can later go and stand somewhere to say that he didn’t sign the bill. If he wanted to do something about the bill, he would have done it,” he stated.

However, Asiedu Nketiah pointed out a discrepancy between what is articulated in parliament and the actions taken outside of it.

“He doesn’t want people to know that he is not in support of the anti-LGBT+ bill that is why there are some heddles. That is the truth. If he had been able to stand his ground to say that he was not in support of the bill, his MPs would have also stood their ground to say that they were not in support.

“But he is not able to say that and his MPs also do not want to disagree for them to be tagged as opposed to the bill. In parliament, they all say they agree but when they move out, they act differently,” he added.

Source: citinewsroom

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