African Games: Ghana wins 9 medals in Mix Martial Arts

Ghana’s Mixed Martial Arts team has secured a remarkable total of nine medals in the ongoing African Games hosted in the country.

Among these accolades are one gold medal clinched by Perpetual Obodai, along with three silver and five bronze medals, showcasing an electrifying performance at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

Although Nigeria emerged as a dominant force in the ring, securing 12 medals in Mixed Martial Arts, they faced formidable competition from contenders hailing from Burkina Faso, Togo, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, and Ghana.

The inclusion of Mixed Martial Arts in the 13th African Games held in Accra marked a significant milestone for the sport’s recognition and development within the continent.

Mr Kwab Asamoah, Vice President of Ghana MMA, expressed pride in his team’s achievements, hailing them as the most decorated squad currently.

He urged the athletes to maintain their focus and dedication, emphasizing the importance of continuous training to prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

Source: classfmonline

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