‘2024 is the year of making more disciples’ – Bishop Bob Tacky

Bishop Bob Tacky, the founder and leader of Impact Lives Church, has declared 2024 as the year of making more disciples for God.

Reflecting on Ephesians 2:10, he stated that Christians have been mandated by God to perform good deeds, which in turn, would lead to the creation of more disciples for God.

This revelation was made by Bishop Bob Tacky during the 31st All-Night Service held by the church to welcome the New Year. He expressed, “The world is observing our actions as children of God. If we let our light shine, they (the world) will be drawn to the light.”

Bishop Tacky advised Christians to refrain from comparing themselves to others, as everyone has a unique assignment. He encouraged them to limit their social media usage, make prayer a lifestyle, and focus on God’s plan for them.

He emphasized that Christians derive their strength from God and should not rely solely on their abilities. “You can never do good work by your strength,” he added.

Bishop Bob Tacky expressed satisfaction with the fact that Impact Lives Church has nurtured strong disciples who believe in giving back to the community by assisting the less privileged.

The church welcomed the New Year with prayers, singing, and dancing. During the celebration, Bishop Tacky consecrated anointing oils to be used for various purposes throughout the year.

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