Using Ghana Card for Voter Identification Must Meet Certain Conditions – Minority Leader Cautions

Mr Haruna Iddrisu, the Minority Leader in Parliament, has outlined some conditions which must be addressed before the Ghana Card can become a voter identification document.

Mr Iddrisu, addressing a ceremony organised by the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) youth network at Walewale over the weekend, said “It is not the obligation nor the responsibility of any Ghanaian to work to have and to be denied a Ghana Card.

The responsibility is that of government to grant the citizens the Ghana Card with ease and without hindrance and any problem.”

The event was to help bring unity among some prominent members of the NDC in the Walewale Constituency to bolster the party’s chances during elections.

Mr Iddrisu said, “We are not saying that don’t use Ghana Card. We are saying that complete the process well. Ensure that every Ghanaian deserving to have a Ghana Card has a Ghana Card, then you can use it as the basis for election and SIM registration. But when you are not able to make that card available, don’t hold me responsible for your inefficiency in providing people with the Ghana Card as a public good.”

He said, “Every Ghanaian is entitled to it. It is the responsibility of the government to provide it and we queue for it. Reduce the queues, clear the queues and make sure we have it and when we have it, we will use it for SIM registration and use it for purposes of the election. But when we are not certain that every Ghanaian has it because I see a queue in Tamale, there’s a queue in Walewale and Nalerigu.”

Mr Iddrisu argued that “You cannot say that something you ought to provide me, that you have failed to provide, I should suffer the consequences of it. That is not justice, that is not fair. It is not for the citizens to provide but to avail themselves for the opportunity of the public good but that public good must be provided by the state.”

He said insisting to use Ghana Card when some citizens did not have it would go against democracy warning that “We will fight to stop it.”

The Electoral Commission has announced that it will accept only Ghana Card for voter identification for election 2024 but the NDC has kicked against the decision arguing that some qualified voters, through no fault of theirs, do not have the Ghana Card.

He touched on the country’s construction industry, saying it had collapsed emphasising that contractors “cannot afford to buy diesel and petrol, the construction industry is virtually collapsed, contractors are not at the site, they have not been paid.”

He advised members of the NDC in the constituency to close their ranks and work together.

Source: GNA

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