Uproot trees planted by NDC to commemorate June 4th – Oti Regional Minister orders

The Oti Regional Minister, Joshua Makubu, has ordered for trees planted Oti Regional Chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to commemorate the June 4 anniversary this year be uprooted.

According to the Minister, considering the history behind the June 4 uprising, it was improper to use school premises for the planting to commemorate those dark days for the country.

He rather urged the NDC to lease some parcel of land for such piece tree planting projects.

Mr. Makubu disclosed this when he was addressing the media at the Kpasa Senior High Technical School to mark this year’s ‘Green Ghana Day,’ instituted by President Akufo-Addo.

For him, the June 4 uprising “was a day people’s parents and loved ones were killed and many have lost their livelihood.”

“People are still crying over it. For this reason, it is not an occasion to plant trees that will keep hurting such families as the NDC did.

“We cannot sit down as a country, as a Municipality, as a Region or a School and allow trees to be planted on a compound to signify this day where people lost their lives.

“We are indirectly saying that, if your grandfather was General F.A. Akuffo, Ignatius Kutu Acheampong and General Afrifa, then it means that you shouldn’t come to Nkwanta Community Senior High School because if you come there, you will see the trees there and you will remember June 4 and you will remember the death of your father and other loved ones,” the Minister explained.

He, however, emphasized that he has no reservations about the National Democratic Congress planting the trees but the context and rationale behind the exercise are wrong.

“Let me make it clear. I will never, under any circumstances, prevent any political party from planting trees in the Oti Region. But for a political party to plant trees on a school compound, and especially, to commemorate an event that brought pain and loss of livelihood to other people, Joshua Makubu will never countenance that; Joshua Makubu will never support that.

“I want any media house here that has the intention of quoting me to quote me exactly in the words that I have used, and I will defend that everywhere,” he added.

Mr Makubu, therefore, directed the Nkwanta South MCE, Bright Lenwah, to make sure that the trees are removed.

“If you want to plant your party trees, get a land, invite us and we’ll come but not on a school belonging to the country,” he added.

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