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Terrorist attack; 132 civilians killed in Mali 

Shocking news emanating from the West African nation of Mali led by Colonel Assimi Gotta reveals that one hundred and thirty-two (132) civilians were gruesomely killed by a terrorist group in an operation in hamlet yesterday, sending a serious signal not only in Mali but across West Africa.

The terrorist group behind the unfortunate fatalities has been identified as Macina Liberation Front, an Islamist group founded in 2015.

According to information culled by, on the night of June 18th to 19th, the group attacked ample villages in the Bankass circle in the Bandiagara region in the center of the country killing the civilians who were defenseless and unarmed, the Malian government said in a press statement.

“The government of the Republic of Mali has the deep regret to inform that the peaceful populations of the villages of Diallassagou, Dianweli, Deguessagou, and surroundings in the circle of Banks were the object of cowardly and barbaric terrorist attacks, in the night from June 18 to 19, 2022,” said Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, government spokesperson, in the press release.

“the cumulative toll shows 132 civilians coldly killed by the Katiba fighters of Macina of Amadou Kouffa, several of whom, among the perpetrators, have been formally identified” he explained

The government “reassures that all measures will be taken to find and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice”, affirming that the protection of people and their property remains “its absolute priority”.

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