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Small-Scale Miners Frown on Calls for Ban as Solution to Galamsey Fight

The Ghana National Association of Small-Scale Miners has called for a more measured approach to fighting illegal mining after calls for bans on all surface mining.

The group’s General Secretary, Godwin Armah, said the ban “is not going to work, and it is not going to bring the solutions that we want.”

The Media Coalition Against Galamsey has been among the latest critics to demand an immediate ban on all forms of small-scale and surface mining in the country as part of efforts to curb mining activities destroying the environment.

But Mr. Armah said his group was engaging the government on solutions to the illegal mining problem.

“We cannot get the results in a day. It is a work in progress and there are so many interventions that government has put in place, and we are also working closely to ensure that we get our river bodies back.”

He also urged people calling for a ban on all mining to be mindful of the jobs at stake.“It is employing over one million people who also have dependents. Yes, we appreciate that there are challenges, but there should be a balance.”

The government tried a ban on small-scale mining in May 2017 and this had limited effects on the environment.The ban on small-scale mining was lifted in May 2018.

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