Proposed Sale of Saglemi Affordable Housing Project: Minority Promises to Fight Deal

According to the Sector Minister, an amount of USD 196 million has already been sunk into the project so far, but Government is unable to find an additional USD 46 million needed for the fixing of storm drains, electricity and water at the site

The Minority in Ghana’s Parliament has vehemently opposed a proposal by the Akufo Addo led Government to sell off the Saglemi Affordable Housing Project located in Prampram to a private developer.

The opposition group has vowed to use every possible means available to them in Parliament including moving a vote of censure to ensure that Government does not carry out its intentions of disposing off this national asset to its alleged cronies in the private sector.

The Electrical Wires in the Transformers have been stolen by thieves

Especially when a tour of the Minority Group to the project site revealed that, the project has been left on attended to for the past six years to deteriorate at the mercy of thieves who have burgled all the valuable fittings and electrical wirings on the site.

The Saglemi Affordable Housing Project was initiated in the year 2012 by the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government led by Former President John Dramani Mahama to build 5,000 housing units for Ghanaian workers, out of which 1,500 housing units were built. But after his Government lost power in 2016, the Akufo Addo led Government has had reason not to continue the project, citing embezzlement on the part of the previous administration.

Some of the three Storey Flats left in the bush to rot

Last week, the Minister for Works and Housing, Francis Asenso-Boakye, addressing the press at the Ministry of Information Meet the Press Series, revealed that Government has decided to sell off the project because it no longer was ready to pump in more funds.

“Government has decided to – Explore the possibility of selling the Saglemi Housing Project, covering the 1,506 housing units, at the current value to a private sector entity to complete and sell the housing units to the public, at no further cost to the State,” Mr Asenso-Boakye said.

According to the Sector Minister, an amount of USD 196 million has already been sunk into the project so far, but Government is unable to find an additional USD 46 million needed for the fixing of storm drains, electricity and water at the site and therefore would want to offload the project which he described as no longer viable.

However, Minority Members on Parliament’s Committee on Works and Housing, is seeking the support of the Ghanaian public to put pressure on the Government to find the resources needed to complete the project to allow it to remain affordable for Ghanaians.

This was after taking the Parliamentary Press Corps on a tour of the project site on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. Where it was observed that, though the concrete buildings were in perfect condition after it has been neglected for the last six years, all the fittings in the building including the electrical cables, telephone wires and louvre glasses have been burgled and, in some instances, destroyed.

Addressing the media from the project site, the Ranking Member on the Committee on Works and Housing, Vincent Oppong Asamoah, indicated that, contrary to the claims by Government, the project is still very viable. Adding that, the project was deliberated neglected by the government to deteriorate so that they can finally dispose it off to one of their cronies as they are seeking to do now.

Removed Louver Glasses Ready to be Carted Away by Thieves

The group has served notice that, any potential investor who will pump money into the project will lose it at the end because a future NDC government will ensure that it takes back the project.

“I think Government has borrowed a lot, the problem is that they decided not to prioritize this project and I don’t think Ghanaians would be angry if Government look for money on its own to complete this project. Because, having come around we have never seen any settlement anywhere by the Government of Ghana.

So, the Minority in Parliament, we are stating our position clear that: we wouldn’t want any private developer to come in at all. In 2025, we are very optimistic that NDC will form the next Government. So, any private developer that will partner the Government to complete this project, the project will be taken away from him.”

The Ranking Member explained that, an NDC government will take that decision, “Because, it should remain affordable, and the mortgage system should go to the workers of Ghana. I know the military and other Government workers and even Parliament.

“I tell you; Members of Parliament will be very happy to live around this place. The environment is so serene so we came around for you to know that this Government has neglected it and they have caused so much financial loss to the state and the people of Ghana.”

Source: Clement Akoloh||

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