PAP Lauds Peace Agreements Between Ethiopia and Regional Forces of Tigray

Indeed, the Ethiopian government and the Tigray Regional Forces have recently agreed to a permanent ceasefire agreement

The Pan-African Parliament began work by adopting a motion congratulating the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front on the signing of the peace agreement. The motion was proposed by Hon Felix Okot Ogong and supported by Hon Domai Gaptan Kulang.
Indeed, the Ethiopian government and the Tigray Regional Forces have recently agreed to a permanent ceasefire agreement. A real diplomatic breakthrough after a long conflict that escalated into a civil war which besides killing thousands of people has caused one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world and displacement Lies of more than “two million” people according to the PAP.
The continental parliament also congratulated the mediators of the African Union, led by the former President of the Republic of Nigeria S. E Olusegun Obasanjo, who led the negotiations with “impartiality”.
During his speech, Hon. Ogong emphasized the importance for both parties involved to respect and comply with the agreements signed and above all to avoid the resurgence of violence to ensure the well-being of the Ethiopian people and the entire population of Africa in general.
During the debate, parliamentarians urged Africans to unite to counter imperialists who are set to “loot” a divided Africa.
Terrorism in Mozambique
On the other hand, African lawmakers have passed the motion of solidarity with the people of Mozambique proposed by Hon. Mbow Alhagie.
They claimed, indeed, that the terrorist acts in Mozambique have grown alarming and pose a threat to sustainable peace.
They called on African states to fight and condemn terrorist attacks on women and children and especially to deter those supporting terrorism in Africa and elsewhere.
Uganda crude oil pipeline project
Regarding the motion supporting the Crude Oil Pipeline Project in East Africa, Hon Felix Okot Ogong who proposed the motion commented that, “African states have the right to develop their resources, including oil.” and gas to enable them to strengthen resilience, fight economic poverty and energy crisis And to do this, the African people greatly need the support of the rest of the world in order to implement adequate mechanisms for adaptation.”
“Africa and other developing countries must have a different transitional agenda to enable them develop their own resources.” Access to technology is imperative for African communities to achieve renewable energy development on the continent. And in this way they can solve developmental problems, eliminate poverty and build resilience. ” He added
Sanctions motion against Zimbabwe
Members of the Pan-African Parliament also unanimously adopted the motion supporting the immediate lifting of unilateral economic sanctions on Zimbabwe by the United States of America, England and the European Union, proposed by the Ho honorable majodina and supported by hon alhadji mbow
Indeed, the economic, financial and trade sanctions imposed on the Zimbabwean government since 2002, in addition to having severe impacts on the country’s economy, have turned out to be a violation of fundamental rights of e the man against the people of Zimbabwe. Indeed the entire SADC Region continues to feel the catastrophic effects of these sanctions.
“And lifting these unilateral economic sanctions will allow the Zimbabwe government to attract foreign direct investment, which will serve as a catalyst for the much-needed economic recovery to meet the challenges.” ntes of zimbabwean people.
DRC – Rwanda conflicts
Echoing the sentiment of the PAP plenary regarding the conflicts between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, S. E Hon Chief Fortune Charumbira said peace strengthening is a complicated process and that this particular motion was a sensitive subject. He thus called on members of Parliament to weigh and measure their responses and contributions to this sensitive topic during their speech.
S. E Hon Charumbira suggested members of the conflict countries should come together and discuss these issues away from PAP. “The Hemicycle must be a container of emotions and we must continue to build and promote peace in Africa.” Did he explain it to you

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